Hey. I'm Stefanie, visual designer.

Designer & maker
Born in OH, resident of CA
Pixel perfectionist

This website is intended to be a snapshot of myself. I am unable to show most of my work online – a majority of my designs are all highly confidential, though you'll find a few small examples at the bottom. Therefore, take a look around, learn a little something about me, and reach out to me if you're curious about something specific.

Where I started

I love making things: digital things, crafty things, food things.

The Digital Design program at DAAP – University of Cincinnati – is what truly ignited my passion for design. There, I learned a variety of skills that started me down the path of becoming a well-rounded designer. My program was an engaging 5 years long which entailed drawing, form/space/color studies, photography, graphic design, millions of icons, motion design, experience design, and basic coding.

The best part of my studies is what my school calls co-op. Every three months (after the first foundational year) I was required to apply for an internship of my own choosing. Those not familiar with DAAP are usually surprised to hear that 6 co-ops are built into the program. My first two were in Cincinnati, one in LA, two in SF, and one in NYC; all of which practiced different types of design.

One of my co-ops landed me at frog in San Francisco, which is where I have been since graduating in 2009.

What I do

I love making better experiences for people.

My portfolio contains mostly websites and apps, all revolving around experience design. My expertise is generally within web and iOS, though I've worked on some Android UI as well.

I'm a firm believer of pixel perfection in Photoshop (my weapon of choice) or Illustrator, and while I love detailed design, the process of getting there is very important to me. While I am a visual designer by trade, there's nothing more satisfying than the union of good visual and interaction design.

My work

Here's just a sample.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to me. I've worked at a design consultancy for nearly 6 years and I have a lot of work that's still undisclosed or in progress, therefore cannot show details here. Some categories of work I've designed include: personal finance, portfolio management, music, magical memory-making, and consumer services.

Thanks for visiting!

Stefanie Krajnyak

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Hey. I'm Stefanie, visual designer.

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